Moana: Princess of Travel


I had the chance to see Disney’s Moana last week, and now I can’t wait to take the kids. Moana is not your typical Disney princess. Well, except for the part where she wears a dress, sings, and hangs out with animals.

Moana is the very first Disney movie that …read more    

Why Just Day Trips?


Travel is so important for kids. It’s how they learn about the wider world around them. It gives them the opportunity to see beyond their backyard and meet people from all walks of life. It helps reinforce the geography, history, and cultural lessons they’re learning in school.

I truly believe travel …read more    

The Hidden Cost of Disorganization

Oh, I wish I were an organized person! Peter Walsh asks in his book, “What is clutter costing you?” He thinks in terms of space, peace and relationships but after this week’s decluttering experience, I’m considering the monetary costs. I have shared several ways …read more    

5 Pet Care Tips from an Animal Rescue

My middle daughter and I have been volunteering at an exotic animal rescue for several months. We have scooped a lot of litter boxes, snuggled many bunnies, discovered the softest animal in the universe, researched animal sounds and meanings, and learned so much about animals, breeds, …read more    

We Take Our Vows Seriously

Today is our 6th anniversary. Sort of. It’s our fake anniversary. Our renewal anniversary.

Spencer and I have been married for 18 years. 18 really long, terribly emotional, overly erratic years. But we made it. There was a time when we almost didn’t. Many …read more    

6 Reasons to Shop the Junior League Holiday Mart

Indianapolis Love at the JLI Holiday Mart

Indy Geek Girls were invited to the Junior League of Indianapolis Holiday Mart Shopper’s Eve preview. We mingled. We sampled. We shopped. A lot.

We’re not going to talk about how much I spent, but I am thrilled to say it was all within budget. I was even able to …read more    

Budgeting Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether you’re hosting the big meal at home or preparing just a few dishes to pitch in with others, Thanksgiving dinner can get a little pricey. There are hostess gifts, decorations, dinnerware and, of course, turkey with all the trimmings.

I’ve been hosting Thanksgiving dinner for several …read more    

Children’s Museum Haunted House for Teens: Xtreme Scream Nights

Children's Museum Haunted House for Teens

Last night, I had the immense terror (pleasure?) of taking 5 teenagers to the Children’s Museum Pirate’s Revenge haunted house. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has always offered two levels for their haunted house to serve kids of all ages. Last year, they added a third level for …read more    

60 Reasons My Dad Is the Best

Today is my dad’s 60th birthday. I’m feeling a little guilty because we threw our mom an epic 60th birthday bash last month. All I’ve got for Dad is the annual phone call and “my dad is awesome” Facebook post.

But, he really is awesome, and I wanted …read more    

It’s Not My Story to Tell

teens and depression

With the teen’s permission, I am finally able and ready to share the very long story of my silent struggle in parenting our firstborn. I haven’t been able to share this part of my life because most of it is not my story to tell, but in her newfound efforts …read more