Where to Find Me This Summer

Here it is the end of July, and I never published a list of June articles. Then, I realized there weren’t even that many of them so I’m lumping everything together for the summer. With my girls home from school, and my recent eye issues, I haven’t been as productive as I would like. Good thing I get to take another Slaughter Development session at BlogIndiana—I need all the help I can get!

Right now I’m busy preparing for BlogHer. I’m organizing a breakfast for fellow frugal bloggers while we’re in NYC—I’m so excited but super busy preparing for everything. I have managed to contribute a few guest posts:

Secrets of a Bargain Shopper

I met Vinny at Affiliate Summit West earlier this year, and we’ve both been participating in the Yakezie challenge. When he asked if I wanted to guest post, I had a lot of fun tailoring some of my favorite tips to fit Bargain Secrets.

Extreme Couponing 101

Nicole and I first bonded over our shared airline luggage issues. (By the way, Southwest finally sent me an airline voucher for my trouble, which I used to purchase MFJ’s ticket to NYC for BlogHer.) When she tweeted about needing a coupon 101 guest post, it just seemed natural to respond.

My Life As a WAHM

Without the summer schedule & work-at-home plan I shared with A Proverbs Wife, I wouldn’t even have this much productivity to report. Adding the extra work of organizing a large event with the challenge of being blind in one eye made following the plan just a little difficult. But, it’s a good plan and has served us well for many summers.

Media Appearances

I’m speaking at BlogIndiana next month on how to utilize traditional media to build your blog. It’s excellent timing since I just received such a huge traffic surge through a CNN article. I am also excited to have Fox59 back on my schedule again. Starting next week, I’ll be stopping by the morning show each month to share some of the best deals for the month. For August, we are (of course) talking about back to school bargains.

Fave Articles from My Own Sites

I’m working behind the scenes on a few projects I had hoped to launch already, but it’s been all I could do to keep up on my current sites. The worst thing (for a blogger) about my eye problem is the light sensitivity. Backlit screens are difficult for me—I can’t spend a lot of time in front of a computer. Even when I do, I’m often wearing my sunglasses. Cuz I’m cool like that. Still, here are a few of my favorites for the last couple months:

How to Get a Free iPhone 4 Upgrade

We didn’t upgrade this time around but we’ve upgraded & replaced 2 iPhones with no out of pocket cost.

4 Frugal Things You’ll Never See Me Do

While I’m all about living inexpensively, some things are just beyond cheap.

Control Summer Snacking with a Lunchbox

I really thought we were going to go broke with the kids snacking at home all day.

The One Where I Hate Candyland

One of my biggest mom fails? I kinda don’t like to play with kids stuff. Here’s my list of games that don’t totally suck.

Colts Training Camp Open to the Public

Training camp starts next week—football season is officially just around the corner!

Where to Find Me: May Articles

With the end of school & squeezing in final Girl Scout activities for 2 different troops, I was a bit of a slacker on guest posting. We’re paying my oldest to “mother’s helper” through the summer so I’m actually hoping I’ll be a bit more productive over the next few weeks. I figure she’ll be excited & on top of things at first! The slacking will come later in the summer—on both sides!

I did get a few things submitted at the end of the month, but they’ll be on my June list by the time they get posted. Here are my articles that were published around the web in May:

Balancing Life as a WAHM

When the sweet Katie from Frugal Femina asked me earlier this year to guest post, I was more than happy to help out. She was finishing up her nursing degree, and I remember how hard it was last December right before my own graduation. As a result, I chose to write about how I juggle it all!

Sending a Non-Shopper to the Store

When Shelly from My Coupon Teacher heard that I frequently send the hubby to the grocery store (We’re duking it out to stay Foursquare mayor of our local Kroger.), she was convinced it would never work for her. So, I offered to guest post my tips & tricks for training him!

The ABCs of Dating My Husband

I’m a regular contributor to Blissfully Domestic, but I usually hang out in the Green Living section. Last month, however, the Relationships editor put out a call for posts. I answered with details on the alphabet dating project I share with the hubby.

Are Coupons Really Worth It?

Beating Broke & Inexpensively are side by side through the Yakezie challenge. We’ve decided to band together to increase both are rankings! The first step was a guest post exchange. Since his blog is more personal finance, less deals & coupons, I decided to throw my two cents in on how valuable coupons can really be. His guest post, turned out to be a rebuttal of sorts. Watch for Confessions of a Reformed Coupon-a-phobe later this week!

Fave articles on my other sites

Of course, I’ve been busy with my own projects. The latest project doesn’t require me to blog at all—the girls have their own site! We’re hoping Our Kids. True Story. will provide a fun way to keep their minds sharp this summer. The girls are excited to practice their writing skills even now that school has ended. Still, I have 4 other blogs which require my time on a regular basis. Here are my favorites from May:

Summer Necessities for Colts Fans

My favorite fan gear for summer vacation

Don’t Your Parents Feed You?

In which Lorelai swallows a plastic cherry.

Top 10 Budget Saving Books

My favorite money saving books—I’ll likely be re-reading many of them again this summer.

K Is for Aimless Wandering

The latest on our alphabet dating project

Mom Fail Friday: The One Where My Child Almost Got Hit By a Car

This one was hard to write—Lorelai is challenging, but I’ve got to be more diligent.