9 Chore Cards Your Kids Can Actually Handle Doing


When I wrote a piece on how I finally got my kids to do their chores, I never imagined the response it would receive. It’s comforting to know I haven’t been alone in this struggle, and I hope my experience can help other families.

The most frequent comment on that …read more    

Life Lessons From a Kid Who Didn’t Make the Team

Life Lessons from a Kid Who Didn't Make the TeamLast week, my 7th grader tried out for two different sports teams. She didn’t make either. While my heart broke for her, I was stunned by her strength. There were tears and disappointment, but she quickly shook it off, dried her tears, and asked me what was for dinner.

The …read more    

Finally, a Chore System That Actually Works in My House

Finally, a Chore System That Actually Worked in My House

Over the years, we’ve struggled through a variety of chore systems in an effort to get our kids to clean up around the house in a way that’s actually helpful. I’ve offered payment for chores. I’ve offered prizes for cleanliness. I’ve pulled my hair out in frustration as …read more    

Are College Tuition Costs Out of Control?

Original Teachers College

Today I toured my old college campus with an incoming freshman. It was fun to be back on campus again, seeing what has changed and fascinated by the things that stayed the same. (Mud Volleyball tournament weekend is still a thing, you guys!)

The morning started with a short history lesson …read more    

How to Keep Kids From Eating You Out of House and Home

How to Keep Kids from Eating You Out of House and Home

The kids have been out of school for a few weeks now, and it didn’t take long for our budget to take a hit. With five kids in the house all summer, our grocery bill has gone up significantly. We are responsible for the same three meals a day, but …read more    

Debunking Foster Parenting Myths: Are They in It For the Money?

Are Foster Parents Just in It for the Money?

That is a question someone asked me just last week. There’s this perception of professional foster parents — people who accept children into their home just for the paycheck. And, now that I’ve been licensed foster parent for over a year, I can tell you without a doubt, it has …read more    

Needs, Wants, and Entitlement: What Do You Really Owe Your Kids?

More Kids Than You Can Afford? On Needs, Wants, and Entitlement

I’ve had some interesting feedback from the post I wrote on our kids’ allowance. Some people are horrified that I would limit our budget for books or school functions. Apparently, a school carnival is an …read more    

Ladies Who Matinee: See the Movies You Want at a Price You Can Afford

Movie Matinees - How to See Movies on a Budget

A date night at the movie theater can cost upwards of $35. A family experience is closer to $75, even with everyone sharing the popcorn.

But, oh how I love to see movies on the silver screen! Movies have been a lifelong part of family memories, and I had to find …read more    

6 Things You Should Stop Paying for If You Give Your Kids an Allowance

6 Things You Should Stop Paying for If You Give Your Kids Allowance

Last summer, we started a kids allowance experiment. Each child would receive $1 per year of age and be responsible for a daily chore. At the time, the kids were 7, 10, 11, and 15, so that was $43 every week. We told the kids that for this experiment to …read more    

5 Ways to Stay Active & Healthy at a Desk Job

6 Ways to Stay Active and Healthy at a Desk Job

Of all the dangerous career possibilities out there, one of the jobs most likely to make you sick is a desk job. While you may have found a stable job with a decent salary, it could actually be putting you at risk. Research shows the paycheck and benefits …read more