6 Ways to Reuse Old Baby Products, Long After Your Baby Outgrows Them


The problem with baby products is that almost as soon as you’ve bought them, cleaned them, and put them to use, your little bundle of joy has become a little too big and outgrown it all. Baby shower gifts, once shiny and pristine, lay discarded in the attic, collecting dust …read more    

The Weirdest Stuff My Kids Have Lost


I used to know where things were. Everything was in its place and nothing got lost. At most, I would have to look for my keys for five minutes before I tracked them down to a coat pocket or the wrong drawer, and then everything was back in its natural …read more    

I’m Way Too Excited My Kid Is Following in My High School Footsteps


For years, I have patiently and attentively sat on the sidelines at games and meets and matches, and now finally – finally! – one of our kids has stumbled on my game. After spending seven years in band and four years in color guard myself, I always dreamed of …read more    

Sometimes a Headache Is Just a Headache

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Let me tell you a story about when I took my kid to the doctor for a headache a few weeks ago. At the beginning of the week, she hit her head on a tuba. I prescribed a quick ice pack, a little pain reliever, and voila – she was …read more    

If You Give a Kid a Sign-Up Sheet …


Each week, one of my kids brings home yet another signup sheet. They want to try new sports, join interesting clubs, and try out for everything under the sun. Over the years, I’ve been a Scout mom, dance mom, sports mom, and band mom. I attend concerts, plays, and recitals, …read more    

How I Work With My Husband Without Wanting to Divorce Him

working with spouse

A few years ago, my husband lost his job. In the aftermath, the option that made the most sense was putting our time and energy into the side projects we had each been running separately. We combined our skills, repackaged our work, and officially went into business together.

There were plenty …read more    

I Grounded My Kid for Listening to Nickelback, and I Would Do It Again


The teen is currently grounded — for walking home from school. At least, that’s how she tells it, and she’s not exactly wrong … that’s just not the whole story.

There’s obviously more to it, but it’s not my story to tell. Which leaves the official party line as “grounded for …read more    

Yes, I’m a Foster Parent, But I Definitely Don’t Have Any Super Powers


One of the things I hear most when people learn we are foster parents is “Oh, wow. I could never do that!” as if we’re some kind of super parents. There’s even a photo floating around the Internet with the caption, “I’m a foster parent. What’s your superpower?”While I’ll admit …read more    

Why I Let My Daughter Dye Her Hair Blue


You guys, my kid has blue hair.

For awhile now, she’s been asking for blue Manic Panic hair color, and after a recent babysitting job, she excitedly bought a jar of Rockabilly Blue. I thought she was planning a streak or two, but a full tub of hair dye and …read more    

13 Things Every College Freshman Forgets to Pack


We had an older teen living with this summer and we just moved her to college to live in a dorm, which was a first for us.

Like any parent, I wanted her to be prepared, so I spent a lot of time over the past few months making a checklist …read more